All participants must sign our disclaimer and abide by our track rules, failure to do so will result in sessions terminated at our discretion – no refunds given.We will not allow any one to drive on the circuit if we have reason to believe they have recently consumed any alcohol or drugs. This is entirely at our discretion and in this instance we will not refund deposits of drivers who are excluded for this reason.Group leaders are responsible for the on and off track behaviour of their group. Anyone who is abusive, disruptive or considered ( by us) to be vandalising our equipment will result in the whole group’s session being terminated – with no refund.

Please Note:
All drivers who are under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult and the adult is required to sign the disclaimer form on behalf of the child.

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We all know that the Summer months can be a time when children quickly get bored! But with so many wonderful places to visit up and down the UK, the solution can often lie just down the road.